Why You Should Stop Smoking for Dental Implants

  It is no small decision to seek dental implant treatment, but it may be a wise one. If you are a candidate for dental implants, you can enjoy many benefits, including eating the foods you love and caring for your implants as you would your real teeth. There could be something preventing you from going through with the procedure, however: smoking. Dr. Steven Saunders advises any smokers to quit the habit before going through with implants for a few good reasons.

 Understanding Osseointegration 

Osseointegration is the process in which the titanium implant post, which supports the crown resembling a real tooth, fuses with the jawbone. Patients who see a periodontist for dental implants must have good bone density, but even then, the implant is only successful with proper osseointegration.   It can take some time for the osseointegration to complete. Any type of smoking, however, could interfere with the process and make it last longer or fail completely.

Smoking Can Lead to Implant Failure  

Smoking is a proven cause of gum disease, cancers, and other damage to the oral cavity. When implants are placed by a skilled periodontist, they have a higher rate of success, but if you are engaging in activities that could damage your mouth, that raises the risk of failure. Unfortunately, if an implant fails, it ultimately ends up costing you time and money, so you should do whatever you can to ensure the procedure is a success.

 Contact Us To Learn More  

Dr. Saunders, and the staff at the Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute understand that quitting a habit like smoking does not happen overnight. If you are interested in dental implants and want to start on the path to quitting for your procedure, we may be able to provide you with resources and advice. A consultation will help us to assess your needs and an appropriate course of action. Contact our office in Harrisonburg, VA today to learn more.


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