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Dentures in as Few as Two Appointments? Your Smile Starts Today!

Why Wait for Your Dentures? Get Your AvaDent Dentures Sooner!

AvaDent® is a leader in denture manufacturing thanks to its incredibly new technique for designing and adjusting dentures. Dr. Steven Saunders, Dr. Victor Saunders and his team members are extremely excited to bring this technology for people in the Harrisonburg area. Patients may get their dentures in as fast as two appointments, a huge advantage over waiting weeks for the proper fit.

The Benefits of AvaDent® Dentures

AvaDent® dentures boast many features including:

Your AvaDent® Denture Information Is Safely Stored for Future Needs

Lost dentures used to create high stress, but no longer do. Because AvaDent® dentures use computer programming to record and store data, your precise measurements and information can be accessed easily by our team. If you need to recreate your dentures, you can be sure that they will fit as beautifully and comfortably as the ones that were lost, misplaced or broken.

Discover Why AvaDent® Has Gained National Attention

When AvaDent® introduced their remarkable new way to create dentures, media across the nation took notice, including “Dentistry Today”. To find out if AvaDent® dentures are suited for your needs, please contact us at 540-434-8575 to schedule your consultation today!

Dentures in as Few as Two Appointments? Your Smile Starts Today!

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