How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile and Boost Your Confidence

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The front six teeth in your mouth are often referred to as “the smile zone” because they are the most visible when you smile. If you’re missing any teeth in this area, it can be very embarrassing. If you’re wondering what tooth replacement option is best for the smile zone, dental implants may be the ideal choice. They not only look completely natural, but they also support the jaw bone and prevent it from losing its shape over time.


How Implants Improve Appearance

There are several treatment options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, for the front teeth that are most visible, implants are often recommended because they look like real teeth and are very strong and durable. In fact, most people don’t need to replace their implants for up to 25 years, as long as they take good care of them. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’re a good candidate for implants, talk to your periodontist.

How Implants Support the Jaw

Many people don’t know that the jaw bone begins to degrade after a tooth is lost. That’s because the bone directly above or below the missing tooth socket no longer gets the regular stimulation it needs from the tooth roots. Fortunately, dental implants function a lot like tooth roots and can give the jaw bone the healthy stimulation it needs to remain strong and dense. If you choose to receive implants instead of other tooth replacement options that sit on the surface of the gums, you’re less likely to notice changes in the shape of your jaw and face as a result of bone degradation from tooth loss.

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If you want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy even after tooth loss, consider receiving dental implants. Your periodontist can perform a quick evaluation to let you know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Schedule your appointment with Drs. Steven Saunders or Victor Saunders today by calling Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute.


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