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Gum Disease Can Cause Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can be a sign of gum disease and other oral health problems that may lead to tooth loss and damage of the supporting structure and bone.

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Warning Signs of Loose Teeth

Causes of Loose Teeth

Patients who experience injury to the mouth while playing sports or because of an accident are likely to experience tooth loss. However, it can also happen as a result of untreated gum disease. While this is easily treatable during the early stages, the infection can quickly spread to the deeper tissue levels and cause serious harm to bone and tissue structures. Without a functional support system, you may notice your teeth becoming loose and shifting around. This is an obvious warning sign that tooth loss may be imminent and gum disease treatment should be provided as soon as possible.

Preventing Tooth Loss

The easiest way to prevent tooth loss and gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene. This means brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. It is also recommended that you use an antibacterial mouthwash and a tongue scraper. Finally, visiting Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute as recommended for periodontal exams and cleanings can help reduce the level of plaque and bacteria below the gum line and improve the health of your gums.

How to Treat Loose Teeth

Depending on the cause and severity of the problem, there are several treatments available to help save loose teeth:

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Gum Disease and Loose Teeth in Harrisonburg, VA

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