Make the Most of Your New Year with Implant Supported Dentures

If there is one thing above all that tooth loss has robbed you of, it is confidence. If you are like many of the 30-40 million people estimated to be wearing dentures in the U.S., then you may not feel confident eating certain foods, speaking in public, or doing anything else that could lead to an embarrassing dental mishap. Fortunately, a new year offers you a new chance to regain that confidence and start the journey back to good dental health. Let 2018 finally be the year you trust your periodontist to rejuvenate your smile with implant supported dentures.

The Trouble with Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures do help you to overcome some of obstacles that tooth loss has left you with. However, as you already know, using them presents unique challenges as well. These include:
·         Limiting the number of foods that you can eat
·         Dentures floating or slipping during conversations
·         Requiring replacement every few years
Yet perhaps the greatest challenge that you are forced to endure with dentures is dealing with the added stress that caring for them places on your daily routine. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could simply treat them like normal teeth. When you make the switch to implant supported dentures, you can.

Why Are Implant Supported Dentures Better?

Rather than being affixed to your mouth using an adhesive, implant supported dentures are attached to permanent implants. Thus, they eliminate the potential of your dentures slipping out and being damaged, and allow you to return to enjoying many of the foods you cannot eat right now. Your new implant supported smile can be arranged in just a single visit, allowing you to immediately start to see its dividends.
Because your new implants are supported by dentures, they actually stimulate the formation of new healthy jaw bone. This can reverse the process of gradual facial collapse that many who lose their teeth suffer.
With all of the advantages that implant supported dentures offer, why would you not jump at the opportunity to enjoy them for yourself? Dr. Saunders, along with the rest of our staff here at The Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute, stand ready to deliver these benefits to you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your potential candidacy for this procedure.


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