Dental Implants – No Two Are Alike

Dental implants provide numerous benefits, thanks to their durability and similarity to your natural teeth. Because they have been proven to be effective and long-lasting, Dr. Saunders at Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute often recommend them to patients with missing teeth.
The beauty of implants is that no two are alike. They are specially designed for the patient to match their bite. There are some key factors involved that impact the final product, as well as the cost, of which interested patients should be aware.

There are a few different components of your dental implant. There is the base, which is generally made from titanium and is screwed into the jawbone to provide a stable and secure foundation for the false tooth. One base might hold several teeth in place. There is also a connector, which as its name suggests connects the crown to the base. Then, there is a crown that goes on top that appears like a natural tooth. It generally is made of ceramic or porcelain in a color and shape that matches the surrounding teeth. The material you choose impacts the cost, as well as the efficacy and durability.
 Size and Shape  
One of the major benefits of implants is that they provide a natural bite. This requires the crown to have a size and shape that matches your other teeth. Generally, you will have a mold taken of your mouth to determine the size and shape required for your crown.
 Procedures and Location  
It generally takes a few procedures to complete an implant. After an initial examination to determine the needs, there will be a procedure to implant the base. Then, you have to heal enough before another surgery places the connector on top of the implant. Finally, you will have an appointment to place the crown. It can take five months to a year to completely finish the implant procedure.
 Get Started Today  
It can take many months to get your implants completed, but many of our patients find it well worth it in the end. Contact us today to get started and have your initial consultation with our periodontist.


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