Is Laser Gum Disease Treatment Painful?

When you think about lasers, do light-saber-wielding Jedi knights come to mind? If you associate lasers with dangerous weapons that can cut through bones and diamonds with ease, laser gum disease treatment might make you cringe. While misconceptions about this popular treatment abound, it’s surprisingly gentle and remarkably accurate. Here’s what you should know about laser treatments and how they can benefit you.

How Laser Gum Treatments Work

During periodontal laser therapy, your periodontist, uses an advanced dental laser to remove infected gum tissue from around your tooth roots. Since the laser is so precise, you don’t need to worry about unintended harm or trauma to surrounding tissues. The laser knows how to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue and will leave healthy tissue alone while removing inflamed tissue with impressive efficiency and pinpoint accuracy.

Once the laser removes the undesirable tissue, Drs. Steven Saunders and Victor Saunders use special tools to scrape the plaque and calculus off the area below the gumline. This process is called root scaling and it helps to prevent future gum infections.

Benefits of Laser Treatments

There are many benefits of receiving laser gum disease treatment over other treatments, including:

  • Minimal pain
  • Easier and quicker recovery times
  • Minimal swelling and post-operative bleeding
  • Decreased risk of surgical complications

Many patients are surprised to discover just how minimally painful laser treatments are, especially when compared to standard scalpel treatments. Unlike standard dental surgery which often requires general anesthetic, no general anesthetic is necessary for laser treatments.

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Living with untreated gum disease is not only painful, but can be dangerous. Research shows a link between diseases like stroke and heart disease and periodontal disease. To improve your health and your confidence, schedule your laser gum disease treatment with Dr. Saunders by calling Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute at your convenience.


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