Are Your Medications Affecting Your Oral Health?

Many medications commonly prescribed for managing chronic conditions or controlling symptoms of some diseases may have undesirable side effects on your mouth. When your primary care physician prescribes these medications, he or she may not necessarily be considering your oral health. Dr. Steven Saunders can take a look at your medical history and determine if issues affecting your teeth, like dry mouth, are a result of prescriptions. When you need the services of a periodontist in Harrisonburg, VA, we can help.
Medications and Your Mouth
Throughout the many stages of life, you may be required to add certain vitamins or medicines to your daily routine to help with instances like pregnancy, nursing or issues affecting you as you age. It is important to disclose any type of medicine prescribed to you, so your periodontist can customize your treatment.
Common Side Effects
One of the most common side effects reported from common medicines like antihistamines, high blood pressure medicine or pain medications is a dry mouth. Some patients experience abnormal bleeding as a side effect from an aspirin regimen. This can cause your gums to bleed more than usual when flossing, brushing or during dental treatments.
It is also possible to experience inflammation in your mouth from drugs like oral contraceptives or blood pressure medication. Brushing and flossing may become painful if your gums and soft tissues are feeling sensitive. Finally, if you suddenly have a constant bad taste in your mouth, it may be related to some common drugs prescribed for heart disease or infections.
Get Better Solutions
You do not have to suffer from a decline in your oral health and comfort when you start a new medication. Your periodontist can work with you and your primary care physician to come up with a solution if your medicine is causing a problem in your mouth.
If you are concerned about how your medications are affecting your oral health, call us at (540) 684-1614. Dr. Saunders can take a look and help you get relief.


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