4 Essential Reasons to Get Your Dental Implants from a Specialist

If you are missing one or several teeth, chances are you are considering dental implants as a method of restoring your smile and oral function. Implants can provide a life-long solution to tooth loss and are the recommended method of treatment in many cases. As the popularity of this procedure increases, so do the oral care professionals who offer this service. Receiving your dental implants from a specialist is essential for the following four reasons.

1.       Experience 
To become a specialist, a doctor must undergo comprehensive training that takes years to complete. During this time, the physician learns academic as well as practical skills that will allow him to map out appropriate treatment plans for patients with varying circumstances. While traditional dentists may receive training in the form of weekend courses or continuing education classes, these programs do not have the breadth or depth of surgical specialist training. Working with a variety of circumstances and learning how to mitigate complications are an essential part of a specialist’s education and will help ensure successful results for you.

2.       Success Rate  
Dental implants traditionally have a high success rate. The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness states that between 95 and 97 percent of all procedures in the marketplace are considered effective by the patient and physician. This success rate is a direct result of the large number of experienced experts who have spent years training to complete this intricate procedure.

3.       Final Appearance  
When you commit to dental implants to replace missing teeth, you expect seamless, natural results and that is what specialists provide. With a professional, you can expect the angle, color, size and positioning of your new implant to fit your jaw perfectly.

4.       Longevity  
When properly placed, implants should last 30 or more years. Each detail must be carefully attended to for this expected longevity. Contact the office of Dr. Steven Saunders and Dr. Victor Saunders to schedule a consultation with an implant specialist.


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