Are Your Gums Ready for National Ice Cream Day?

This year, on July 16th, thousands of people around the country will be enjoying a delicious scoop of frozen goodness for National Ice Cream Day. A sweet, cold spoonful of ice cream is one of the finer delights in life that most people can enjoy. If you have gum problems, however, that scoop of ice cream may actually be painful and impossible to finish. Dr. Steven Saunders, and Dr. Victor Saunders are experienced periodontists, and your sources of relief if you struggle with gum recession in Harrisonburg, VA. We can help patients repair their gums and begin to savor their favorite foods again. If you suspect you may have receding gums, it is recommended to see a specialist. Here are some of the signs to look out for:
Tooth Sensitivity  
For some patients, one of the signs of a problem with their gums is sensitivity in the teeth when eating. Eating cold or hot foods may become suddenly uncomfortable. You may also notice a sharp pain deep inside of the root of your tooth.
Longer Looking Teeth  
As gums slowly start to recede, your teeth may start to appear longer. This is because the gum tissue begins to wear away, exposing more of the length of your teeth.
More Decay  
Individuals experiencing gum recession may also have more cavities or tooth decay as time goes by. The exposed teeth and thinner gum tissue may put your risk for tooth decay higher.
Loose Teeth  
The teeth may also begin to feel looser as the gum tissue wears away. In extreme cases of gum recession, your teeth may even fall out. This is why it is recommended to seek treatment for this condition right away. Contact our experienced staff today to get a consultation for your gums and teeth. We can help you get back to the ice cream shop and looking forward to relishing your favorite flavors this summer.


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