3 Essential Factors in Determining Dental Implant Cost

Many people ask for dental implants when they require a tooth replacement. The reason is that implants are one of the most natural-looking restorations available. In fact, once a permanent crown is adhered to the top of an implant, no one will be able to distinguish your restoration from your natural teeth. One thing patients are often concerned about is the dental implant cost in Harrisonburg, VA. Our periodontist will go over all the factors with you and offer an estimate before beginning work.

1. Number of Implants Required

Someone needing several dental implants will naturally have to pay more than someone just getting one. More materials have to be used for your treatment, and our periodontist has to invest more time. When multiple teeth need to be replaced, All-on-4® might be brought up as an option.

2. Jaw Bone Density

Since implants go directly into the jaw bone, that foundation needs to be strong. If the bone is weakened, then you will need a bone graft before the implants are placed. This extra procedure increases the overall cost. Jaw bone starts to deteriorate as soon as a tooth is lost, so it is in your best interest to seek a replacement as soon as a tooth is lost.

3. Presence of Gum Disease

A dental implant procedure will not be successful if you presently have gum disease. Our periodontist will check your gums thoroughly to see if there are any signs of gum disease. If there is, then our team will need to perform the gentile LANAP® protocol to treat the disease first.

Receive an Ideal Restoration

Any dental procedure should be viewed as an investment in the long-term efficiency of your oral structures. Dr. Saunders can provide you with the dental care you require.


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