By now, I’m sure you’ve been told that candy is not good for your teeth, right? If not, we here at Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute envy your dental innocence. As professional dental experts, we, unfortunately, don’t get to share that same unawareness. However, now we get the pleasure to enlighten you on the dangers candy presents to your teeth over an extended amount of time. For those that are already aware of these dangers, you should brush up on your knowledge, you might learn something new.

How Cavities are Formed:

Contrary to popular belief sugar doesn’t necessarily create a cavity, it actually conditions your mouth to create the cavity. As unpleasant as this sounds, your mouth is filled with hundreds of bacteria. These are actually very beneficial to sustaining a healthy oral ecosystem. Unfortunately, those helpful bacteria will start to feed off the sugar in your mouth. When this happens, the bacteria will start to secrete acids that slowly erode the enamel on your teeth.  The cavity is the hole in your tooth that is the byproduct of the bacterial infection that’s created by the acids in your mouth.

What candy poses the biggest threat to your teeth:

Every single piece ever made!

Don’t worry we’re just kidding. In all honesty, there are some candies out there that are not that harmful to your teeth, but we aren’t here to learn about the good candies, are we?

Candies that are chewy and sticky are at the top of the dental public enemy list. These types of candies are detrimental to your teeth’s longevity because they can easily get stuck in the spaces between your teeth. Your saliva won’t be able to fully wash away/clean those areas occupied by the candy debris, putting your teeth at the higher potential of developing tooth decay.  In addition to sticky candies, sour candies are also at the top of the “No-No “list since these types of candies are highly acidic and will break down your tooth’s enamel over time.

For more:

Candy is great to enjoy every so often, but you shouldn’t make it a habitual habit. Luckily, if you ever do find yourself dealing with a cavity Dr. Steven Saunders offers restorative and corrective options to treat your oral misfortune. Contact our offices located in Harrisonburg, VA to schedule your appointment today.