September is the Perfect Month to Treat Receding Gums

September is National Self-Improvement Month, and there is no better time to treat gum recession and teeth sensitivity. For non-invasive treatment of receding gums in Harrisonburg, VA, you can trust the specialists at Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute. Dr. Steven Saunders and Dr. Victor Saunders are all highly trained to provide the most innovative techniques.

Facts About Gum Recession

Gum recession is a common dental problem, which occurs so gradually, that many people are unaware that they have been affected. Receding gums occur when your gums pull back and expose the roots of your teeth. The first sign is usually teeth sensitivity or a tooth with an elongated appearance. This may be indicative of periodontal disease, and if not treated appropriately, the bone structure and surrounding healthy tissue may become damaged.

Pinhole Surgical Technique™

Pinhole Surgical Technique™ (PST™) is an innovative and noninvasive method of treating gum recession. Using a small instrument, a tiny pinhole is created above the healthy gum tissue. The tissue is loosened and adjusted accordingly over the exposed portion of the tooth. Because tissue is not cut, there are no sutures, allowing for expected minimal pain, bleeding, and swelling. In fact, many patients are pleased by the instant cosmetic enhancement. Additional benefits of PST™ include:

·         Less discomfort after treatment
·         Faster recovery than traditional grafting
·         Donor tissue is not needed from the palate
·         Beautiful and natural appearance
·         Long-lasting results

This minimally invasive option, for treating gum recession, is highly successful because it involves simply adjusting the existing tissue.

Contact Us Today

With PST™, there is no need to prolong treatment for teeth sensitivity or receding gums in Harrisonburg. With Dr. Saunders and the expert staff at Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute, you are in a high-skilled environment of competent hands. To determine if you are a candidate for PST™, contact us today. Our office is conveniently located in Harrisonburg.


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