Precision and Preservation: Laser Gum Treatment

Their work in whitening teeth has gotten a lot of exposure thanks to celebrities, but their work in treating gum disease, while arguably more critical, has only just started to receive the level of mainstream appreciation it deserves. Take a closer look at dental lasers and learn how dentists are using this technology to combat gum disease.

Laser Gum Treatment 
Once gum disease has advanced far enough, simply brushing and flossing isn’t enough to get back under control. Whether laser gum therapy or conventional means, your periodontist, a dentist specializing in gum disease therapy, will work to preserve and regenerate healthy tissue by removing diseased tissue.

While conventional means may be the most effective approach for advanced gum disease, these are some advantages of using lasers in cases that are mild or moderate:

Precision: Because the laser beam is so thin and precise, your periodontist can remove unhealthy tissue more efficiently and avoid removing healthy tissue in the process.

Sterilization: Their light and warmth seal blood vessels and nerve endings in the tissues being treated, resulting in less pain and bleeding and a noticeably more comfortable patient experience.

Heals fast: Because the laser light is sterile and seals blood vessels, your gums will heal faster.

Minimally invasive: You won’t require stitches after a laser procedure.

Other Uses of Lasers in Dentistry

The innovations brought on by lasers don’t end with gum disease treatment. Take a look at some of these other sectors of dentistry that have had great success incorporating lasers into various procedures:

  • Teeth whitening – laser light is used to active bleaching agents your dental hygienist will prep your teeth with during treatment
  • Tooth decay – like gum treatment, lasers can be used to remove decayed tissue from the inside of teeth
  • Biopsies – lasers can be used to extract small tissues samples to screen for oral cancers and other issues

Laser Gum Treatment

Millions of American experience gum disease to some degree. And while laser therapy has become a popular option, too many people still don’t though this route is available to them.

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