How Cone Beam Technology Promotes Dental Health

Comprehensive oral health is important for everyone. Much of your oral health depends on preventative measures and spotting early problems before they get serious. When problems like cavities, tooth decay, and early gum disease are spotted early, your periodontist can provide treatment more effectively. Learn how cone beam technology can help your dentist diagnose and treat specific issues.

Benefits of Cone Beam Technology

Regular visits to your dental professional are crucial to maintaining your oral health. You have probably gotten x-ray scans in the past. Emerging dental technology goes one step further. While x-ray scans only produce two-dimensional images, cone beam scans provide an in-depth, three-dimensional view of your mouth, including places below your gums and teeth. Here are some more benefits:

1. Helps identify underlying dental conditions. Because of the detail of cone beam scans, they assist doctors in easily identifying cavities, tooth decay, infections, cysts, and tumors.

2. Less surgical risks. The detailed, three-dimensional images allow our periodontists to create surgical procedures that are more precise, including dental implant procedures. This decreases risks and complications associated with dental surgery.

3. Quick and non-invasive. Patients experience no discomfort during scans. They can be finished in as little as a few seconds.

These are just a handful of examples of how cone beam technology can help promote your dental health.

Getting Treatment

After you get a cone beam scan your doctor decides if any action needs to be taken. Sometimes you may end up needing dental implants in Harrisonburg, VADental implants are needed if you have experienced tooth loss due to decay, injury, or oral diseases. Our doctor, Dr. Steven Saunders, is experienced in providing the most effective solutions for many periodontal problems.

Get a Scan

If you are concerned about the state of your dental health, why not get a cone beam scan? Call our Harrisonburg office today.


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