Gypsy Hill Park

During the summer months, you can enjoy free concerts at Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton VA, hosted by the Stonewall Brigade Band. Monday evenings at 8pm, the band plays at the Bandstand in the park. You can also listen to bluegrass music on Wednesday night starting at 7pm, sponsored by Staunton Parks and Recreation. You can also find a variety of other activities and attractions at the park. It is located at 600 Churchville Ave, Staunton, VA 24401.

This Staunton, VA, park offers a number of activities for the whole family, including golfing. The park hosts junior golf clinics, which will take place in the early morning hours and offer a chance to play several holes. These clinics are open to players 16 and older, and start on June 13th. You can also take advantage of the park’s ongoing pickleball and tennis leagues, which meet on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings. In addition to golf, the park hosts a yearly youth fishing derby. The youth can participate in this fun and exciting event by fishing for a variety of different species of fish.

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A bandstand was added to the park in 1889, after the Donaghe farm was purchased by the City. During Arbor Day 1889, a band played while 1500 trees were planted. Since that time, concerts at Gypsy Hill Park have continued. The original bandstand was a tall gazebo that was located to the south-southwest of the current bandstand. It was later lowered five feet, making it more accessible. Addition info about the area.

The Gypsy Hill Park Band holds regular rehearsals each Monday from 8 to 9:30 p.m. in the band room at the entrance to the park. During rehearsals, the band focuses on improving performance skills, preparing for the annual Christmas concert, and sight-reading new compositions. Members also vote on what music they want to purchase. Throughout the year, the band carries out community projects and events and offers several opportunities for people to become involved in their community.

The NESEA agreed to develop adjacent land into a public park, and spent at least $70,000 on the project. A new name for the park was born: Energy Park. Incorporating energy, it captures the history of the land and its potential for renewable energy, as well as the essential spirit of the community. In 2012, the park hosted thirty to forty events. For nearly 40 years, the land was barren and unusable. Back to the homepage.

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