Five Ways Untreated Gum Recession Can Affect Your Health

Gum recession is more than an appearance-related problem. It can also lead to serious oral problems. If you have noticed that your gums are receding, or your teeth seem to look longer, it is time to learn about the realities of untreated gum recession.

Below are five of the top ways that receding gums can be detrimental to your health:

1.      You are more likely to experience gum disease. This is a progressive condition that affects the entire bodily system if it is left untreated. If you already have gum disease, receding gums may indicate that you have moved to a more advanced stage.

2.      You may feel like your teeth are more sensitive than they once were. When eating foods that are very hot, very cold or sugary, your nerves are more apt to send you a signal of discomfort. Instead of being protected by your gums, those exposed nerves have to deal with powerful sensations… and that can mean pain and achiness for you.

3.      You may start to lose confidence. We all want to have the best smile possible. When your gums pull back from your teeth, they can alter the way you look. This may make you feel more self-conscientious when getting pictures taken, or upon meeting new people.

4.      You could end up with tooth decay. Cavities can start to develop in the areas between your teeth and gums. The more exposed the roots of your teeth, the greater your odds that you will experience rapid decay in those areas.

5.      Your teeth could start to become loose. As the gums recede and gum disease takes over, your bones may not be able to support the teeth as they once did. This may lead first to wiggly teeth, and then to complete tooth loss.

If you have noticed any signs of receding gums and you are in the Harrisonburg, VA region, please contact our office for an immediate appointment. Our team of top-notch periodontists can get your oral health back to optimal levels, and help you manage any effects caused by gum recession by implementing minimally-invasive treatments like the revolutionary Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.


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