Fighting Gum Disease with Laser Gum Treatment

To bring the most severe cases of gum disease back from the brink, there isn’t a better a combination than an experienced dentist and a trusty scalpel. But for mild, moderate and even some severe cases, laser dentistry offers another route that’s less invasive than a scalpel. Take a look at some of the many benefits of laser dentistry and learn why you might opt for laser light for your next procedure at your dentist’s office.

Fight More Efficiently

Dental lasers are finely-focused to specific frequencies that can be used for more than just gum surgery – they can also be used in teeth whitening and biopsies. This tight beam can eradicate infected and decayed gum tissue while preserving healthy gum tissue. The result: you’ll enjoy a much shorter treatment than you would with going the traditional route, plus you won’t feel much, if any, discomfort.

A Nearly Pain-Free Experience

You’ll need a painkiller ahead of traditional gum surgery, which is usually administered in the form of a local anesthetic. But with laser gum surgery, you’re likely to feel negligible discomfort during your time in the chair.

Back on Your Feet in No Time

On top of being nearly pain-free and more efficient in diseased tissue removal, laser gum surgery has a much short recovery period than the traditional route. You can recover fully from laser gum treatment in about 24 hours. Going the traditional route, and depending which of the stages of gum disease you’re at and how much work you need, your recovery time might range anywhere from two weeks to more than a month.

On top of a longer recovery time, you’ll also need to swing back by your dentist office to have your stitches removed once your gums have fully healed.

Keep All Options of the Table

The longer you go without dental care, the less likely you’ll be a good candidate for laser gum surgery.

Take a moment to schedule a day and time to meet with our dentist and to learn more about your options for gum disease treatment in Harrisonburg, VA, including laser dentistry.


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