Calf Mountain Overlook

If you’re in the mood for a hike or just want to take in the beautiful views, the Calf Mountain Overlook in Waynesboro, Virginia may be just the place for you. Located at an elevation of 2,480 feet (755 m), this scenic overlook offers views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city was named after General Anthony Wayne, and was first recognized in the state of Virginia in 1801.

Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, or taking in the view from your car, the area has something for everyone. The Gateway to Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway is less than four miles away from Waynesboro, making it the perfect spot to rest after a long day of driving. Waynesboro offers a vibrant downtown and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, including the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are a few hiking trails that take you to the top of the mountain. Next Article.

If you want to tackle more mileage, there are plenty of roads to choose from near Waynesboro. There are a number of pre-mapped routes that will take you over the scenic landscapes and provide you with a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. The DoomsDay Loop is 12.4 miles long while the Grottoes Loops is 35.1 miles long. The DoomsDay Loop is a relatively flat pastoral tour, and the Grottoes Loops is 35.1 miles long.

If you’re an avid mountain climber, the wild spaces around Waynesboro provide ample opportunities for soaring and rappelling. There are numerous classic climbs off the Blue Ridge Parkway and in Shenandoah National Park. You can also join a climbing or rappelling trip offered by Blue Ridge Mountain Guides and Shenandoah Mountain Tours. They will teach you everything you need to know about the sport. More about us here.

The rocks surrounding the Calf Mountain Overlook are part of a highly complex terrain. The Chilhowee Group rocks underlie the Blue Ridge. At 35 degrees south of Jarman Gap, the Blue Ridge rocks shift westward. Consequently, they have increased the number of thrust faults and overturned fold limbs. To the north and west of Calf Mountain, you can find Ramsey Mountain.

If you want to climb the summit of the summit, you can take the Beagle Gap trail. This hike is 2.1 miles round-trip and requires approximately one and a half hours. The trail is marked by white blazes on the rocks. This trail is easy and offers panoramic views. However, you must leave your vehicle at mile 999.5 to return to Beagle Gap. You can find it by following the directions for the trailhead.

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