6 Signs You May Require Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect many aspects of your life. Common concerns such as aesthetics, difficulties chewing food, the inability to consume certain foods and structural complications are just some the concerns that may hinder confidence and self esteem, among many other issues. If you are one many individuals who have lost teeth due to a numerous array of reasons, such as surgery or an injury, dental implants serve as an ideal tooth replacement option.


Procedure Highlights

The process of dental implants involves surgically placing a titanium screw, fused within the jawbone, to serve as the root of the missing tooth. A crown is then fitted precisely onto the implant, resembling the natural aesthetics of your tooth, in both appearance and functionality. Implants provide a durable, sturdy replacement created for longevity. Other advantages of choosing a dental implant for a tooth replacement include:

·         Replace missing permanent teeth
·         Preserve adjacent healthy teeth
·         Increase your self-confidence
·         One procedure lasts a lifetime
·         Replace missing root
·         Encourage regeneration of jaw bone

Dental implants are an ideal, long-term solution to missing teeth and provide an overall success rate of up to 98 percent.



Am I A Good Candidate?

Anyone who has missing teeth is a potential candidate for dental implants. With very few exceptions, dental implants are the perfect option for most people. However, to ensure the success of the procedure, it is required that you maintain optimal oral health as a prerequisite, as there may be some conditions and diseases that can affect your candidacy for this option. Cancer, diabetes, smoking, radiation to the jaw, gum disease or alcoholism may affect whether the titanium screw will fuse to your bone. It is important to ensure that your dental surgeon is fully aware of your complete medical history, including all medications, whether prescribed, alternative or over-the-counter.



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